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Car Accidents and Bad Weather: Where’s the Negligence?

Car Accidents and Bad Weather: Where’s the Negligence?

When a car accident occurs and you need to file a claim for compensation, proving liability is imperative. Unfortunately, there are some situations that can complicate liability, and it can confuse you regarding your rights to move forward. One potential situation that can raise numerous questions is an accident occurring because of bad weather conditions.

In these situations, it’s vital to recognize what options there are to hold someone accountable because negligence may still exist. Below, we’ll discuss some of the situations that can involve negligence in bad weather and your rights to take action and pursue compensation.

Here are some negligence-related incidents that arise in bad weather conditions:

  • Failure to maintain a safe distance
  • Failure to drive with road conditions in mind
  • Failure to perform regular maintenance

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Failure to Maintain a Safe Distance

When driving in the most perfect weather conditions, you should ensure you’re driving a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. A sudden stop can cause a significant crash. In bad weather conditions such as heavy fog and rain, following too closely can be even more dangerous.

The rain makes the road slippery, making it even more difficult to stop when approaching traffic. This type of situation can result in you suffering an injury in a rear-end accident. You must show that the driver who hit you was tailgating or driving too closely for the conditions.

Failure to Drive with Road Conditions in Mind

When weather conditions turn terrible, road conditions worsen. The rain can impact your tire’s traction with the road. Even worse, with many of the roads throughout Los Angeles being in bad shape, puddles can form and increase the chances of hydroplaning. As such, when the rain starts to fall, it’s vital for drivers to keep these road conditions in mind. This often means you should:

  • Slow down, even below the posted speed limits
  • Stay far enough behind other vehicles
  • Avoid merging lanes constantly

When a driver doesn’t keep the conditions in mind, weather can play a role in causing the crash. However, it would still be the driver’s fault as he or she fails to drive in a manner safe for conditions.

Failure to Perform Regular Maintenance

Drivers are expected to perform regular maintenance on their vehicle. Not only does this prolong the life of the vehicle, but it also helps to prevent severe accidents from occurring. This includes changing windshield wipers and ensuring tires have adequate tread to stop in even the harshest weather.

If a driver causes a crash because he or she cannot see out of their windshield, it could be due to worn windshield wipers. Similarly, if the driver cannot stop because of inadequate tread, he or she could be to blame because they did not take the necessary steps to ensure their vehicle was safe for operation.

Of course, other acts of negligence can still exist in bad weather conditions, such as speeding, texting while driving, intoxication, and fatigue. In any case, it’s vital for you to recognize how to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

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