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Holiday Traffic & Accident Increases

The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays are upon us, which means plenty to celebrate. However, with those celebrations often come potential dangers on the road. The number of accidents that occur around the holiday weekends is daunting, and it’s important for you to recognize the increased dangers that cause these collisions.

Drunk & Fatigued Drivers

The holiday weekends mean less time at work and more time with friends or family. Even with the pandemic and things opening back up, people are finding ways to celebrate. This can lead to many people being out late and drinking. The more this occurs, the more chances there are of an accident due to drunk or tired drivers on the road late at night.

More Cars on the Road

Even in times when nothing is happening, Los Angeles is a nightmare for traffic. When holiday travel factors in, the roads are unbearable. Unfortunately, the more vehicles there are on the road, there is an increased risk of accidents occurring because of people texting or talking on a cell phone or speeding. Holiday traffic is a major contributor to accidents during this time period.

Bad Weather

While rain in Los Angeles occurs pretty much every year, the first rainfall often seems like a new discovery and some people forget that they need to drive with much more caution than normal. Fog and rain create significant problems on the road, but it’s each driver’s responsibility to ensure they’re slowing down, staying further back, and paying close attention to the road during these conditions.

More Rideshares & More Distractions

Holiday weekends are big money makers for rideshare drivers because more people are out celebrating. However, rideshare drivers can spend much of their time checking their phones for new passengers or scanning sidewalks for their next ride. This is distracted driving to its fullest extent, and is very dangerous, especially with more vehicles on the road.

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